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Fertilizing and Weed Control

Fertilizing & Weed Control


Keeping your lawn healthy and thriving is a top priority. To maintain a healthy lawn your lawn needs food with consistent fertilizers. Weeds must be eliminated so your lawn will grow with the grass you want. Our 6 step program supplies the exact amount of nutrients your lawn needs to thrive and look beautiful.

Many companies use liquid chemicals that need to be re applied every few weeks. We use granulated fertilizer that are time released and reach the roots of your lawn.

The Top Blade KC 7 step program provides you peace of mind that your lawn is healthy.

Quality Landscaping/Residential & Commercial

Top Blade KC does the work so you don’t have to. That’s what convenience is all about. Being locally owned and operated, and already servicing commercial and residential customers in your area, we are able to offer the best value and most personalized yard care programs to fit your needs and budget. Contact us for any of your lawn care Kansas City needs and experience how Top Blade KC deliver superior results.

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